“i-Droid” – War of the Worlds

Apple shook the cell phone industry some time ago. With its OS, specially developed for the iPhone, they revolutionized the way people would use the smartphone.

Other companies let themselves inspire by Apple, and did wake up, in order to remain competitive on the market.
The most important one was (and is) Google, who invented an OS capable of competing with Apple.

Android has been raising day by day, and the time has arrived: Apple lost its market supremacy.

Recent statistics (s. picture) show that Android broke Apple’s record during the first half of this year, occupying 27% of the market (against Apple’s 23%).

Will iPhone 4 be able to restore the previous situation again, or will he yield to the “newcomers”, like the Samsung Galaxy S?

Apple’s slogan is “Think different”, but since there is one only Apple-phone – the iPhone – noone woud be different anymore.
This can’t happen with Android, because many manufacturers have at least one model using that OS.

BUT: is Android really better than Apple?

Some say, Android is simply trying to copy Apple, without success.
Some say, Android is much better in any case. Because it’s different (ohow!)
Some say, Apple is always a  step forward (and always will be).

Actually, can we really compare an Android-phone with an iPhone?

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5 Responses to “i-Droid” – War of the Worlds

  1. Josh Cell says:

    i-Phone is for fun. Android is for serious people

  2. Martin L. L. says:

    Well in my opinion you have fun and business in both. On the Android Market you can find tons of stupid an useless apps, such as the razor & co., so you can waste your time with both!
    But what makes the difference is the way they work: on iPhone you have your icons on the screen and that’s it! You don’t really have a Desktop. On Android devices you have several real desktops where you can put apps, widgets etc, or simply leave it “blank”!

  3. Braxy says:

    Hey if your looking for Android-phones, I strongly suggest the Sony Xperia X10 Mini or Mini Pro:

    (the Pro version has a full hardware qwerty keyboard, the other one has touch-screen qwerty only).
    It’s really fast and intuitive, and It fits any pocket! I bought it some time ago and I’d never change it!

  4. Trackballpower says:

    If you use your phone like most people (surfing/mailing, taking pictures and listening music) both iPhone or Android will serve you well.
    However, the iPhone has a better camera (especially for 720p recording), and probably some more apps… but most of the Android apps are free, of course!
    Braxy is right about the Sony X10, please catch some info about it cause it’s worth… ;)

  5. Thanks for the info. This is exactly what I was looking for. I am currently researching this topic so I will be back. Can you tell me how to subscribe to your blog?

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