Top Spin 3

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  1. Tennizz says:

    Is there any way to accelerate a custom player’s evolution in Top Spin 3 (PS3)?

    • Baraba_sun says:

      If you execute the following actions sequence several times, you’ll unlock all skills and you will gain 35’000 experience points:
      a. create a player and gain the first experience points that allow you to have the basic skills
      b. go to the Player Area and chose the available skills in “Player Evolution”
      c. select the available skills and push X
      d. Add the available experience points and push X
      e. Push X again and remove the experience points you added before, by pushing O

  2. ##Bastard## says:

    You all losers! I really don’t understand how you can have by depriving games of all difficulties!
    Isn’t it better to pass all levels / missions with your own skills?

    • Marko_Kappa says:

      If you were a real gamer you’d understand!
      It’s a matter of time: I personally want to play as many games as I can, so I don’t have the time to repeat a level n-times.
      But I’m also curious to see how I game ends. So I prefer “cheating” to “learning”.

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